More female speakers on stage!

Do you recognize this? You are at an event and notice that there are only men on stage. Again not a female speaker. To see that there are more male than female speakers, you do not need scientific knowledge. The vast majority of speakers who are booked are men.

Although the men are great at what they do, there are plenty of inspiring, female speakers who could shine at your event. And their subjects do not lie either: Retail Trends, Space, Technology, Life Science, Artificial Intelligence, The Future of Work, Sustainable Mobility, Sharing Economy, Smart Cities ... We put five top female speakers in the spotlight below. After reading this blog, the team of Assemblee Speakers motivates you to always think of a female speaker when composing the program!

Kitty Koelemeijer 
The most quoted female professor 

Kitty Koelemeijer is Professor of Marketing & Retail at Nyenrode Business University. She is the most quoted female professor in the Dutch media. We are not surprised about this. She inspires with her current knowledge and experience about growth strategies, digital innovations and transformations for companies. She plays an active role in the start-up scene and also manages to reach this group in the right tone. Kitty Koelemeijer enthusiastically links trends to practically applicable working methods that you want to start working on immediately.

Nancy Vermeulen 
The sky is the limit

At the age of six it was already known to Nancy Vermeulen. '' I want to be an astronaut. '' Aerospace fascinated her and still fascinated her. In her story she takes you with a lot of passion into her world that few people really know. On the one hand, the goal is to bring you closer to the universe. She also motivates you to think outside the box and to pursue your dreams, even if these dreams seem to be as unattainable as any other planet. In the rapidly changing world, technology also offers opportunities in addition to challenges. Nancy Vermeulen is not only a scientist, but also a pilot and aircraft instructor, and prepares space tourists for making a space trip.

Nadine Bongaerts
Synthetic biologist with a passion for designing life through genetic manipulation

It will not be long before the whole world knows her. With a Bachelor and Master Degree in Life Science & Technology at TU Delft, she is currently working on her Phd at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research [INSERM] in Paris. To give an example, she is working on a method to find new antibiotics for tuberculosis. She finds it especially important here to make the gap between science and society smaller. She knows very clearly how to transfer the practical translation to the business world, so that innovations can also be implemented faster. Nadine Bongaerts is an entrepreneur and active inspiration of a global platform for high-tech entrepreneurs. In her story she makes it clear that no man is as smart as nature.

Sangbreeta Moitra 
Inspires better branding and transformation

Sangbreeta Moitra has been appointed by VIVA Magazine as one of the most inspiring women in the Netherlands. Anyone who sees her on the stage immediately understands why: Sangbreeta is a warm personality that dominates the art of storytelling. She has already received several international awards for her TEDtalk 'Transform Your Presence'. Sangbreeta is on a mission to secure The Future of Work. From Amsterdam she flies around the world to inspire and motivate large international companies such as Shell,, Ernst & Young, Orange and Nationale Nederlanden. You also want your employees to be positive in everything they do for your organization!

Ananda Groag 
Authority in the Shared Economy, Smart and Sustainable Mobility Ananda

Groag is certainly a lady that we, as the Netherlands, can be proud of. In her job at TomTom she was soon called the expert in the field of platform economics. Then she expanded her knowledge and research at ShareNL. Now she has started where under the motto 'Be the change you want to see' she knows how to inspire people and society worldwide in the field of sustainable mobility, smart cities, part of the economy and sub-platforms. She likes to talk about cars, but does not have one herself. Be the change you want to see and be the example. In her story she shares concrete tips and handles with the automotive sector and municipal authorities on how they can prepare for the future.


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