Design Thinking and Creativity - The Disney Way

There are few lives that Disney hasn't touched. With their ever-evolving legacy they have sparked the imagination of young and old - but where did all those marvelous movies come from? Duncan Wardle, former VP of Innovation & Creativity for the Walt Disney Company gives a peek into the world of creativity - and this fall, he's spreading his creative knowledge all over Europe.
'It's kinda fun to do the impossible!' - Walt Disney

Duncan Wardle has been a successful independent consultant with a spirit of innovation and creativity. He has extensive experience working for the Walt Disney Company for nearly 30 years. Duncan is considered to be part of the most influential personalities in the world of innovative ideas. Find out more here, or watch Duncan's TEDx talk. 

Do it the Disney way - in Europe

On the 10th of September, Duncan was a keynote speaker at Click.2019,'s thought leadership conference. He brought his extensive experience Disney experience to the stage, using a very unique approach to Design Thinking. 
Want to see Duncan live too and boost your audience's creativity? From the 18th to the 30th of November, Duncan will be back in Europe. Get in touch now to ensure one of the most inspiring and fun keynotes for your event. Call us at +31-43 343 21 69 or send an email to to take advantage of this unique opportunity!

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