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With the support of the Bas Schoonderwoerd, director and chief programmer of Parkstad Limburg Theaters, Maurice van der Kant started at the beginning of 2016 to set up General Colleges of Peter van Uhm, Jan Rotmans and Erik Scherder TheaterColleges. Meanwhile, the offer has increased. 

Assemblee Speakers makes clear agreements with Theaters and speakers. The goal is always a sustainable collaboration whereby the three parties reinforce each other with their own expertise. We offer speakers the opportunity to share their story with a wider audience. A chance to reach the young generation. 

The speaker must entertain the theater audience. An inspiring story with a smile and a tear. Finally, interaction is established with the public at every Assembly TheaterCollege. 

Maurice van der Kant: "I always tell speakers that the audience is the stage nowadays. I appreciate that our speakers show fragility and are able to tell their story openly. Not everyone can or does not want that. Just standing behind a lectern does not produce an exciting theater evening. The goal remains to really give people something. That inspires and motivates them in this rapidly changing world. "

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