The Big Brexit - Get out while you can

Whilst the UK is preparing to leave the EU, companies are preparing to leave the UK. This means that not only the political playfield, but also the economic one is changing.

This year will be one of big consequential changes in Europe. Looking for a speaker who can clarify and break down the current state of affairs and shine a light on the implications for the future? Speaker of the Year 2018 Jeroen Dijsselbloem and Herman van Rompuy are authorities on the topic of the European Union.

A mass move

It’s expected that one in every 5 UK companies is going to move (a part of) their business elsewhere outside of the UK. An additional 12 percent is still considering to do the same, according to research conducted by The Independent. Companies are moving either overseas to other EU countries or relocate to Ireland. An estimated 250 business are crossing the North Sea to settle down in the Netherlands, and also Germany is a popular new home to many.

Predominantly, businesses in the financial sector are (considering) moving, but also big names such as Ford. With a no-deal Brexit approaching, the biggest car brand of the country is preparing to leave, taking over 13.000 jobs with them. But it’s not just companies moving. The Swiss bank UBS is placing 32 billion on effects from the UK to Germany, and the British bank Barclays already moved a big part of its activities to Dublin.

Although these numbers and stats seem bright for countries outside of the UK, creating new jobs and filling offices and factories, the consequences on the long run are unsure, for all parties involved. Without any security regarding trading, the negative outcomes of a no-deal Brexit can go way beyond the British borders.

Fantastic keynote by former European Council President Herman van Rompuy: 

Before the banking crisis, the Euro was a victim of its own success. More steps need to be taken to achieve full EMU

Pascal Koenig (@PKoenig1776) 21 februari 2019


Looking to educate your audience on one of the biggest political events of this moment, and going deeper than just headlines and hearsay? With hands-on experience in the political and economic field, Jeroen van Dijsselbloem and Herman van Rompuy are the best picks to make your event a success this year, with The Power to Inspire! We will proudly connect them to your special event. Book them exclusively through Assemblee Speakers. 

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