Sharing economy: Together, we have more.

From the Green New Deal by AOC to the pacts made in Paris, climate change is becoming an increasingly hot topic, as our planet is becoming increasingly hot as well. Solutions to stop the catastrophe are being found in the sun, wind, and ocean, but there’s another problem as well: we don't just need to produce in a more sustainable way, we have to produce less - making more use of what is already there.

Less is more

The ideas to attack this problem differ. In the early 2000s, the degrowth movement gained popularity. Their viewpoint is that we buy fewer things, but also start producing less, radically. In line with this lies the sharing economy, enabling us to use other peoples stuff.

We all know Airbnb and Uber, but sharing stuff goes further than that, whether it be smaller or bigger. Some interesting concepts that originated from the sharing economy:

Speakers for sustainability

Assemblee Speakers proudly represents some big players in the sharing economy market. Daan Weddepohl, for instance, is the founder of, where you can share, rent and lend basically anything - from bikes to books and everything in between. In earlier blogs, we introduced ShareNL experts Harmen van Sprang, Ananda Groan and Pieter van der Glind. With their platforms and keynotes, they inspire and educate people, business and governments all over the world regarding sharing economy, sharing cities and more.

The Power To Inspire

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