Do You Know The Power Of Karma?

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This past week, we were grateful to host and witness Power Webinar with not one, but two global thought leaders: Vikas Malkani and Adjiedj Bakas. In 90 minutes they answered questions from participants all around the world. The central theme was: The Present, the Past and the Future: Is it all Karma and Universal Wisdom?

As the World’s #1 Wisdom Coach, Vikas Malkani teachers wisdom, meditation & mindfulness all around the world - even now, digitally.
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Mastering Karma: Create Maximum Results with Minimum Effort

Vikas [Bikas or Bikash] means expanding, progress or development in Sanskrit. A fitting name for this time, because what will the world look like post-corona? How can we progress, develop, and expand mindful movements, in a positive way?

Is this all connected to Karma, and how?

Karma is the blueprint of life that is responsible for all the positive and negative results in our lives. It is one of the most misunderstood concepts of personal and spiritual growth. If you participated in the webinar and want to know more, or are curious about powerful Karma Lessons, Wisdom Stories and Golden Nuggets of Wisdom that change lives, check out Vikas's Masterclass on the topic. 

With his unique skill to take the deepest wisdom and make it extremely simple to understand and apply, you can see the benefits in your life quickly.

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