Is Solving Energy Poverty The Key to Solving Poverty?

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Ever heard of energy poverty? If it's not something you ever had to deal with, it probably wouldn't even cross your mind. When we think about poverty, we think of food, money, and housing. But simply solving one of these, would not be a long term solution. There is an underlying issue in countries and regions where poverty is reigning: a lack of energy.

Energy equals opportunity

''If you have no access to energy, you have no access to education, to knowledge, and are exempt from contributing to society and the economy. If you lack access to energy you will remain poor forever.'' Stop and think for a moment how much we rely on energy, every minute of our lives. It has become a basic need, and many people still don't have access to it. Meanwhile, there is energy all around us: in the sun, wind, water.

Solutions from social entrepreneurs

In their recent Power Webinar, Arash Aazami and Simon Doble spoke about this problem, and about possible solutions. These two purpose-driven social entrepreneurs are on a mission. Simon is a global specialist in creating innovative solar energy solutions for the humanitarian sector. He believes that education plays a vital role in breaking poverty cycles. Meanwhile, Arash also labels energy as a basic human right. He founded an “Energy independence company”, earning more as it would sell less energy. Since 2015 he designs and builds for a global Internet of Energy, which should enable users all over the globe to exchange energy with one another over an open-source peer to peer network

Watch the whole webinar here:

The Power of Energy

Energy distribution and transitions is an important topic in the climate and sustainability issue. Another one of our speakers, Milan Meyberg, continues to draw attention to this cause and highlight possibilities and solutions.

In our upcoming webinars, we will continue to address these topics and giving a platform to the voices on sustainability. Check out the upcoming webinars and get in touch for more info, requests, and suggestions.

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