From the Piano to the Presidency: The Incredible story of Jade Simmons

How about the next president of the United States is a woman, an artist, and an Independent? We have seen what politics, as usual, can do. It’s time now for a fresh take and a new vision.​​​​​​​ Meet Jade Simmons. Rockstar pianist, speaker, and perhaps - the next President of the United States.

Jade has gone from the piano to the pulpit, to world-wide platforms, and now…towards the presidency. She pushes boundaries. Next week, she will be joining us for a live webinar, so let's get to know her.

After having spent the first years of her career performing as a classical concert pianist, Jade pivoted. She stayed on stage, but also started using her voice, becoming a powerful speaker who delivers inspiration, information, and entertainment like nobody else can.

Uncommon Leadership for Uncommon Times

After having played in acclaimed halls such as The White House and US Supreme Court, she is going back there for more. Under the name Operation Restoration, Jade Simmons is a 2020 Independent Presidential Candidate.
In uncertain times, we have to be certain about our chosen leaders, and that certainly won’t come from the usual burnished political record, nor will it be confirmed by typical markers of commercial success. We will know how our leaders will lead by looking at how they have lived. - Jade Simmons

Listen to her music, listen to her voice

Jade has built a colorful career characterized by what she calls Maverick Behavior, and on this occasion, she is thrilled to be reminding you that you get to choose the mark you leave on this world!
Next week she will join us for an interactive conversation with Hein Wagner, 'A Blind Man with Vision'. In their Power Webinar, they will be discussing the revolution we are witnessing around the George Floyd tragedy. We will speak about removing the concept of giving up, and how to turn huge obstacles into major opportunities. 

Experience the magic and the inspirational lessons when we unite 'A World Class Pianist' - HEAR - and  'A Blind World Record Holder' - LISTEN - in this revolutionary year.
It is time to BELIEVE. Hear. Listen. Start Believing in yourself!

Join us on the 16th of July at 4PM. Register here for FREE!

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